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DSI, Inc. has partnered with Maniilaq Services and we specialize in designing, building, powering, or educating you for the future. The people we serve at DSI, Inc., and the people who work at DSI, Inc., make us who we are as a company and a leader in the industry.


Maniilaq Services and DSI, Inc. join together to provide facilities and services in the Construction, Energy, and Manufacturing industries. We are dedicated to building better green facilities for America.


Through its association with Maniilaq Services and RND, DSI possess master craftsmen to which comprise our building crew, RND also specializes in all aspects of wind turbine design, manufacturing, and system reliability. We have partnered with universities and fellow industry to advance wind technology in materials, structurally efficient airfoil designs, active-flow, and aerodynamic control. Our Energy solutions are functional systems for a variety of environments ranging from urban/suburban to rural/open land. Our system is engineered to be elegant scalable, and it is made in America. These systems provide your home or business, greater resiliency against power failure, noticeable energy cost reduction, and a drastically smaller carbon footprint. 


The units are designed to use on your home or business and are able to reduce energy consumption of the property, build in energy reliability to the property, and serve as your way of “Going Green”. The truth is that wind is at your doorstep & contrary to popular belief the cost won’t give your wallet trouble, in addition the government will even give you a hand in facilitating your effort at energy independence.


The association with Maniilaq Services and RND Manufacturing, a division of RND Group Inc., allows DSI to specialize in affordable low-cost Architectural Metal Fabrication, production of our unique rooftop turbine, and solar voltaic systems. Our designs can be tailored to the architectural theme desired by our clients. The fabrication of stainless steel internal décor and architecture design elements in a range of pre-fabricated designs or client dictated custom designs. Our products are not limited to certain specifications; we will work with our clients to produces exactly what they require and provide installation as well. Our commitment to quality fabrication of anything the client desires will out-shines any other run-of-the-mill non-ferrous metal work or wind turbine.


For further information on how DSI, Inc. can help your company control its power costs, incorporate green technologies into your daily operations, please contact us at 907-276-6630 or via email at

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