GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks)  Compared to traditional  LAN (Local Area Network) technologies that use Active Ethernet switches, GPON has the following advantages:


  1. The Capex cost of GPON cost 35-70% less to deploy versus traditional LAN infrastructure depending whether the project is new construction or a remodel. 
  2. GPON is a green technology at every level. Creating fiber that is used in GPON requires a small fraction of the natural resources and energy compared to copper.  And once installed, GPON uses up to 80% less power than traditional LAN infrastructure. Except for the core and jack locations, GPON has no active components.   So it uses less power. This also greatly reduces support costs since there are less places things can go wrong.
  3. GPON uses up to 90% less space.  Since you only have active components at the jack and core, you have no need for wiring closets.  With GPON, you have a 20 kilometer distance for pulls versus 100 meters for Category 5, 6 and 7 cable, eliminating the need for wiring closets with edge switches.  Instead, GPON uses passive optical splitters.  No electricity is needed, and fiber is not affected by EMI. 
  4. Since GPON employs less active components compared to legacy LAN Ethernet technologies, it is much simpler to deploy and manage.  This saves both on labor and recurring software maintenance costs. 
  5. GPON uses single mode fiber which provides a permanent cabling solution.  It won’t need to be replaced to implement the next generation Ethernet solution.  I also is a multi-service platform which supports IP, analog (SIP to analog conversion is part of the ITU984 standard on which GPON is based) and RF.  Single mode fiber has been tested to support terabytes of data, not merely 1 or 10 gigabits like Category 6 and 7 cable, and fiber pulls can be up to 20km versus 100 meters for Category 5 and 6 cable.  It also has other advantages over legacy copper category 5,6,7 cable in that it can be spliced or installed in segments and connected into the desired configuration with connectors of slices, something you cannot do with copper category cable.


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Today the combination of Bandwidth, Wireless and High-speed Internet access is reshaping our economy and our lives more than any technology.  Compared to traditional LAN (Local Area Network) technologies that use Active Ethernet switches, GPON has lower captial cost, 80% lower power utilization, 90% reduction in Floor, Rack and Closet Space and Energy Star equipment.

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