360 Networks LLC, based in the United States, is one of the leading manufacturers of Hospitality Systems.  Their ComXchange system provides comprehensive solutions for the hospitality marketplaces at extremely attractive price points.  Unlike many of its competitors, the ComXchange offers universal licensing, integrated call accounting and integration to most major brand property management systems.  ComExchange is offered as both a premise based solution or as a cloud offering and is approved by most major chains for deployment in their hotels and resorts. 

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises offers a complete line of voice and data products including:

  • VoIP and TDM PBXs and soft switches that are available as either premise or cloud offerings
  • Complete line of enterprise grade data switches at extremely competitive prices  
  • Network Management platforms to provide management and remote configuration


BOSCH is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of products sets including its security portfolio including access control, video surveillance, and a wide range of associated products and services.


Bridgewave offers a range of microwave products ranging from 6Ghz to 23Ghz and both 60Ghz and 80Ghz short range products.  For years, Bridgewave was the leader in millimeter microwave (60Ghz and 80Ghz bandwidth, and recently, expanded its product line to include 6Hz to 23Ghz frequencies.  Bridgewave is headquartered in San Diego, California and manufacturers its products in the United States, Philippines and China. 


Ceragon is often considered the Rolls Royce of Microwave systems and offers leading edge technology ranging from 6Ghz to 23Ghz as well as 60Ghz and 80Ghz millimeter products sets.  Ceragon microwave systems are carrier grade and are used by carriers and government agencies throughout the world. 


CETIS is the world’s supplier of telephones for the hospitality marketplace and are the primary instrument used by a wide range of hospitality brand names and which are used by most hotels and resorts worldwide. 

Dahua is one of the leading manufacturers of cameras and NVR systems for the security surveillance marketplace.  Their products are known for their price performance and reliability.


Digifort is the manufacturer of a comprehensive offering of open architected video surveillance software for NVR’s.  Digifort offers extensive scalability and features and offers a wide range in integrated ancillary products and software systems specifically designed to improve retrieval and distribution of events. 


DISAN/Zhone is a manufacturer of carrier grade last mile technology including GPON, DSL and related technologies.  With manufacturing operations in the United States, Zhone is one of the top companies for “last mile” telecommunications technologies. 


Fat Pipe is one of the leading SD-WAN system suppliers with a broad range of products that provide SD-WAN connectivity at speeds up to 4Gbps.  SD-WAN technology is one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise network market due to its ability to dynamically reallocate bandwidth among multiple carriers without disrupting application sessions in the process as well as its use lower costs network services such as cable modems, DSL services and LTE services to replace or supplement legacy MPLS services at much lower price points. 


GT2F is a manufacturer of Property Management Systems and Call Accounting Systems for the Hospitality marketplace.  GT2F is compatible with a broad range of voice platforms and supports both the North American and European marketplaces.  GT2F is known for its price performance and support.


HPE, or Hewett Packard Enterprises is the HP division that manufactures and supports the enterprise grade portfolio of HP products including servers, data switches, security appicances, storage technologies and management platforms among others.  HPE is recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of IT infrastructure product and services portfolios. 

Life Size is a leading manufacturer of video conferencing solutions and is based in the United States.  Life Size offers both premise and cloud based offerings. 


LGS Innovations is a leading government services integrator and originated as the combination of Lucent, Alcatel and Bell Labs government services.  LGS Innovations today is a United States based manufacturer and system integrator of products and services specifically targeting the U.S. Federal Government. 


Network Integrity Systems, Inc., (NIS) develops and manufactures products that enable organizations to protect their classified networks faster, more economically, and less intrusively than ever before possible with legacy systems. Founded by optical engineers and management personnel from a global fiber optics leader, NIS helps solve key issues associated with the growing need to guard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of National Security Information.


NVT Phybridge is a leading manufacturer of media conversion product sets that are designed for the video surveillance marketplace.  Its media conversion systems enable the use of Coax cabling to carry traffic to IP cameras as well as methods of extending the range of cabling systems. 


Prodata Key (POK) is a manufacturer of access control wireless and wired Ethernet and Coax based controllers that reduce cost for installation of access control systems.


RAD is widely recognized as one of the major suppliers of telecommunications equipment including microwave, multiservice units, switches and a broad range of other products critical to modern networks. 


SIKLU is a provider of millimeter microwave radios that offer a broad range of capabilities.  These systems offer price performance characteristics and capabilities that make it an attractive solution for relatively short range wireless applications that require high bandwidth up to 10Gbps.


Telrad is a manufacturer of wireless LTE technology that is primarily focused on WISP and enterprise implementations. 

Tellabs is major supplier of carrier grade products and enterprise GPON and related products and services. 


Triple Play is a provider of Digital Signage and IPTV technology designed for hospitality, education and healthcare industries.   


TrippLite is a manufacturer of a broad line of premise distribution and backup systems, cabling and other structured cabling components including jacks, patch cords, racks, UPS systems, etc.


Uniview is a manufacturer of IP and analog cameras designed for the video surveillance market.

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